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I'm the most driven SEO Expert I know, with over 15+ years' experience being a leading SEO consultant.

I will market your business online.

... SEO results, invest in SEO and you will see a return on investment and increased profitability.

Consultancy Services by one of the UK's top SEO Specialists

With my skills & wealth of knowledge, as an SEO consultant with close to 20 years of SEO experience. I can help your business SEO as well. I have a proven track-record working with the UK's largest and most successful brands.


Be Found on Google. Get More Leads. Convert More People.

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Hi, I'm Lee, a Freelance SEO Consultant.

I love working as an SEO freelancer, the reason being, is I'm an experienced SEO (one of UK's Best SEO's), I've done it for years.

SEO is one of the most fulfilling jobs, because I can understand search engines. I know their secrets, how to optimise, and have expertise as an SEO consultant in every aspect of the SEO procedure.

About me and my SEO consultancy services. If you have an issue, I can determine what's wrong and fix your position problems. I do offer these services: - SEO consultant (London and nationwide). I will be your search consultant, SEO expert.

SEO services based in the United Kingdom and Europe; you should make sure you explore the possible benefits as well as problems poor SEO can cause. Penalty Recovery - manual penalty or algorithm penalty problems, I can help.

Bundled together here's the #1-page plan

SEO stands for "search engine optimisation" or "search engine optimiser". If you want many people to visit your website, it is essential to think about if your based in the UK, hiring an SEO expert.

The reasons you should is that it's a good investment, and it can improve site wide website, search, and store reputation using natural SEO.

Many people are looking for SEO, the foremost freelance SEO (onsite SEO) in the capital or SEO agencies; I can provide valuable SEO skills to rank in for top keyword phrases.

Website owners, get your page positioned highest in order to be the #1 website and drive traffic from Google search.

Google pay per click advertising campaigns, social media SEO, search engine marketing campaigns, visibility in organic rankings and organic search results, why choose me as your SEO? I can provide SEO advice, practical methods that works for highly competitive markets.

SEO assistance, the official Marketer main page, what's the deal?

Potential customers need first to find your products and services, including in your geographic location. Be it Birmingham, Brighton Leeds, or London, or anywhere else in the world, this is where I deliver measurable SEO results.

Websites such as this Google specialist page provide a great deal of information about optimising your website.

At its core, it all really refers to the same thing: digital marketing or, content marketing strategies that help. Manual SEO done by the book, to a high level, doesn't have to be difficult, but it can be expensive if done right! (so, avoid cheap SEO).

Move you up the rankings. To grow you need to improve rankings & traffic, a website also needs visitor dwell time on page, engagement with content and to improve conversion rate optimisation.

Lee Mac is one of the UK's foremost SEO consultants, I do work with small, medium, and large businesses. In a range of markets be it, retail, finance, investment, manufacturing plus many more industries.


Are looking for local SEO company?

  • I will review your content or structure,
  • Offer you accurate advice about website development,
  • Develop your content,
  • Manage your online business and help develop and drive it forward,
  • Persuasive storytelling techniques and accurate keyword research and keyword selection to identify opportunities (however for larger sites this can take a lot of time) and outreach link building,
  • I offer SEO Training Services as well as my Search Engine Optimisation Services,
  • I have the know-how in specific sectors and localities.

How to optimise websites

Your placement is important, but a campaign involves so much more.

To rank you have to think about the relationship between design and SEO, therefore, how to improve website UX as well.

Appear more often to realise a return on your investment & profit from your SEO campaign.

Great positions require an effective SEO strategy, be it SEO or Google ads (PPC management services using Google AdWords paid advertising).

You need SEO to improve rankings, your position, and reach, by ranking higher on the first page Google. It requires an SEO digital strategy.

Client Testimonials

See Lee Mac's SEO Consultancy Reviews.

For my clients, I’ve delivered outstanding results with my strategies for competative phrases. Words clients use to describe Lee Mac's SEO Services: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness and Value.

Lee was an amazing support for my recent website changes. Very knowledgeable and patient, he makes sure the job is always well done. Thank you for going above and beyond! - Toby Hilton

Lee is very professional and makes sure he advises you in the best possible way. I am very happy I came across SEOPremo as his advice and guidance has been priceless. Not only is he very good at what he does but he is also a really nice guy. If you want to hire an SEO expert, Lee is your man. - James Carr

Professional and effective - a rare combination. Highly recommended if you want to be at the top. - Charles Smith

Lee is definitely capable and an expert in his field. It was a no-nonsense approach and with a few weeks and a very reasonable cost we were up on page one and most relevant searches now show us in 1st or 2nd position. - Justin Howard

Sought some advice from Lee. Absolutely blown away by his professionalism, prompt replies and sincere attitude. I would definitely recommend him to others! - Kaitlin L

Lee is an expert in his field. Great and effective advice! - Reto Peter

Highly recommended. Professional and friendly. Appreciate the valuable support given by Lee. - Leighton Maddison

Lee recently built an SEO optimised website for my business, I am happy with results; it loads fast, is cross browser compatible and has a bright simple clean layout. In addition, Woo commerce is integrated. I am ranking in google for my targeted keywords and making sales, all within a couple of months. Recommended. - Andy Huett

Lee recently built a word-press website for my local small business. I'm very happy with the results and his level of service and attention to detail is impressive. He also set up my social profiles on twitter, Google+ Local page, analytics’, and web-master tools. I would happily recommend his SEO services. - Sarah Bristow

To do SEO well you need the right attitude and commitment, doing SEO well also involves being able to speak on a level appropriate with my client's understanding, for me is key.

Start your search for an SEO

Technical SEO and link building will help you to rank. A business with online marketing and lead generation will thrive. To attract your target audience with SEO to your WordPress site, and to achieve more leads and sales, you need help.

I highly recommend you learn to use google analytics as part of your digital tactics.

Case studies to discover what keywords rank, and customers type in to Google page search. I use data driven analysis of your competitors to help a websites online presence and organic traffic growth.

If you're considering hiring an SEO, it’s much better to do it sooner rather than later.

A great time to hire is if you are thinking about redesigning or launch a new project.

This is because your SEO can be sure that your new websites created to be search engine-friendly.

Any good SEO takes time, to understand user behaviour can always help you to enhance your current website content to generate traffic.

Some important questions to ask about any SEO:

  • Here you can ask to look at a verified portfolio of websites, reliable examples of my previous quality work that has been successful,
  • I follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines,
  • providing my clients with a wide range of tips, advice, and transparent white hat SEO approach,
  • free initial consultation,
  • you can expect to see quick wins and progressive results and improvements weekly (it usually takes 3 - 6 months),
  • you can measure the success of a campaign by conversions and progress in daily terms,
  • SEO UK website, making finding you in the whole nation and locally easier on the World Wide Web,
  • I do not work on international businesses only those with establishments or brands located in Britain,
  • I have been running this business for about 14 years as a consultant in London,
  • I work erratic hours, I'm in demand but you can reach me via email, or telephone,
  • I will log changes to your site details and make backups,
  • I may have to get SEO access via FTP to check everything,
  • I supply you with references to other leading SEO industry experts' opinions, to support my Freelance SEO consultant recommendations, and the reasons for them.

No one service can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

I focus on the most relevant SEO techniques that boost visitor engagement.

  • Increase the depth of the content of your existing documents; improve your site page load speed; development teams for improving site speed for Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Create topical relevancy (instead of strings of keywords) and link acquisition to build backlinks to your site.
  • Detailed reporting, and improved technical website optimisation.

Comprehensive SEO audits will help you get more visitors to your website and make a mark, agency SEO delivering results-focused digital marketing for Bing, Yahoo or Google.

Website clients say integrated web page analysis should be by a competent SEO agency working in the market that has an excellent understanding of SEO marketing, or freelance SEO expert.

London SEO professional: I can work closely with your existing web designer, head of marketing, or web development director. I can do something special, trusted to head up a full SEO campaign and deliver search results for organic performance in Google Desktop & Mobile search, bespoke, tailored (no contract) independent SEO on time.

Website email or here's my SEO consultants contact form. Get in touch to discuss your needs.