seo and internet marketing
SEO and internet marketing

I'm Lee Mac I work as a freelance SEO consultant. Helping businesses get more traffic by being in the first place. SEO companies and services help many more people find product offerings on your website.

Optimisation that leads to you achieving more leads and making more sales. I list search-marketing expertise, skills and knowledge in the industry among the reasons why you should choose me.

Who am I?

I've worked as a Google SEO consultant, SEO expert and small business SEO based and working in London for many years.

This means I'm an individual who is proven skilled at boosting a websites ranking higher within the SERPs with SEO backlinks.

SEO UK - website keywords - how Google ranks websites: I possess the ability to conduct a review and make modifications. I learn and test new links to your website and keyword strategies. My job, of course includes being able to discuss and report these findings, offering you Google landing page optimisation tips via my WordPress blog and YouTube videos and explaining to my clients how they can apply these methods.

I’ll check your site and offer practicable points to help promote and boost your traffic and earnings. Clientele attain first page search results with my knowledge, experience and skills.

I have been advising existing and new businesses across the UK and London since 2004. As a leading provider of quality SEO (find out more >) for those who favour a successful agency; my main operations involve developing and building contextual webpages and content ideas with a high degree of topical semantic relevancy.

I have done scientific and extensive technical based research related to the holistic SEO process, my client’s brands benefit from my integrated approach to drive traffic, conversions and improve your return on investment (ROI) with SEO analytics (find out more >).

You don't need an agency to rank your website, just a wide range of SEO search & keyword target phrases that cover common, relevant, profitable keyword searches.

To get your website found highly on the 1st page when people look for your products or services, and for an online presence that stands out from hundreds of others, maybe you want to hire the right 'SEO professional': that is perfect and approved to help you advance your site analysis (find out more >).

SEO services in London and the UK

  • The benefits of organic visibility are the main thing with me when doing small business SEO.
  • SEO advice, SEO help; whatever you want to know, with me major results are the only significant statistic.
  • Many regional firms (limited or freelance SEO) Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO material is just regular research full of terminology.
  • My local SEO tips and advice is complete with analytics and results you can realise easily, I also offer Google penalty removal.
  • Many local SEO agencies either don't do enterprise ecommerce SEO, don't know how to affect SEO with strategies or do bespoke technical SEO audits.
  • Establish website dominance and overcome ineffective strategies in relation to optimising every aspect of SEO content, with on-site optimisation, keywords and backlinks.


Get a perfect understanding of data to identify systems to beat Google's algorithm to be discovered.


Do you need someone who can help boost site visitors per month add tracking metrics? A UK organic SEO solution.


First page of Google search with a winning team, SEO advice and help with website design.


The company I run can increase organic traffic with website digital marketing using the approach I take.


Websites for manufacturing and service businesses in the UK get on the web & appear first in Google's search results.


Are you looking for search engine optimisation or E-commerce shops guidance or SEO advice?

Services I provide produce strong results

  • See how SEM and long tail marketing for your firm is more affordable than short term PPC.

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Last updated: July 23, 2018