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    Organic UK SEO Specialists are the Best in the Businesses!

    Hire me Lee, an SEO Expert, SEO consultant.

    London & UK based agencies cannot compete with my SEO services.

    Top rankings for a website on the first page (#1) of Google is what companies can expect.

    When they hire me as their 

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Who am I

I'm a professional SEO, years of experience, especially when it comes to on page SEO and creating user friendly, quality content that leads to higher rankings. I understand the details, ideas and things that will produce a great user experience and will help you reach your goal.

I am an experienced SEO with a deep industry knowledge of the strategies used to target the right customers for your business. I can offer you an Organic SEO solution that will actually deliver a better ROI than any low cost SEO packages you can buy online.

As a skilled SEO, I understand the process, marketing techniques and can make the necessary changes to old websites to update them. If you want to be #1 in the world, I may not be able to achieve that, but for first place in the UK, why wait? Telephone or email me for a no obligations chat with an SEO expert (London based).

What is an SEO Expert?

The job of an SEO is to improve your domains rankings, by picking relevant, related keywords and search terms that will start to drive targeted traffic, result in a leads increase and rank websites higher in the search results to deliver a return. Investment in the future of your site using SEO will bring greater profits.

By using, my powerful SEO methods recommended to beat the google algorithm. I can get a website to the top of Google; you can have more visitors in a number of weeks not months, helping you avoid the use of long-term SEO Expert services and agencies that charge you a lot of money.

If you rank search engines they are not all of equal ranking. Google gets a much larger share of online traffic than Yahoo and Bing combined. If you want to get ahead of the competition and be found, Google is the #1 search engine to target. Forget about hiring a famous person for SEO.

I can offer effective search engine optimisation for your brand online & business as an

SEO Expert

SEO Expert UK

United Kingdom dedicated SEO services

  • SEO services for websites across the country.
  • Quality links from website domains hosted in the same geographic region.
  • Performing only search engine optimisation work.

About me

Who am I? Hello, my name is Lee Mac, I always wanted to be an SEO Expert. Now I work on websites for companies in the London area and throughout the UK. I excel at SEO, getting you more sales and making you more money. I offer one of the most highly recommended SEO services obtainable. I'm skilled at increasing rankings and keeping businesses on the top of Google.

You will profit in the present and continue to get a return on investment (ROI) and value from your online business in to the future.

Get in touch with me today to hire me:

Email: Contact Me
Telephone: 07838165169

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Top Reasons why you should work with an SEO Expert

Its important and best practice to address any coding problem your domain may have, to perform a complete and full analysis, a test on a page by page level, looking to optimise a project for an increased ranking in Google.

I recommend people consider my tailored, detailed SEO plans, if you do choose to create a website and use my approach to SEO; I can show you how to lower your SEO cost and rise up to the top of Google.

Clients I work with want to build brand awareness and certainly understand the benefits of an SEO Experts services. SEO for a well-built website takes time and you must appreciate that in an extremely competitive market, expert London SEO consultant prices generally do not come cheap.

Freelance SEO consulting for sites is often the best strategy for small businesses, instead of being tied to a contract, SEO provides you with a product & service that works without the worry of being bound to month on month or a year on year plan.

Where can I assist you in marketing?

Trust and understanding is the key to success, you need to trust in the power of marketing & SEO, how it can improve your position for a keyword, without relying on expensive pay per click (PPC).

I do not focus on link building, (I will however use tools to assist in penalty removal caused by bad links) but look to generate for a site a gain in fresh traffic & leads.

To become an authority in your chosen market and to appear at the top. Google do not make it easy to understand SEO for the layperson. If you ask my advice, I will say to my prospective client "talk to me and you can expect me to provide the latest SEO and digital marketing strategies to get your website to the top of Google search results".

When should you get in touch with an SEO Expert?

If you want, help generating more traffic and need to find an SEO consultancy that can carry out design changes, including performing site reviews to check your SEO results, then reach out to get in touch and give me a call.

Please contact me if you are thinking about how or why SEO will assist you in improving your work, business and web presence, I am available in the day via telephone or in the pm by email for a chat, I may even be able to offer you some free advice.

If sales of your products need improving or if you think services you run could do with an SEO consultants expert opinion, I can show you how your business can stand out online and single out problems that may be holding you and your team back.


SEO Expert

Last updated: March 27, 2017