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    I'm Lee, a practiced SEO Expert, SEO Consultant; a person with high performance standards and many year's experience, understanding and identifying systems to beat Google's algorithm.

    I strive for excellence in all my SEO projects. Working with enthusiasm to get you noticed on Google's first page.

    Is getting your website to appear first in Google search results important to you?

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The top factors to consider when picking an SEO Expert

Are you looking for services, or have you searched for "seo expert" on Google? Because I am one of the best and I have performed lots of SEO research, discovering why SEO can help and what formula to use for websites to rank well on Google's first page.

Get found on the World Wide Web or if you just want help, then you have found the right person, me!

To rank websites in the UK you have to constantly experiment if you want to be a successful SEO.

I try to understand the Google algorithm, you can get some ideas here search quality evaluation guide.

What factors are influential to be visible on the Google website? What is working for a website now? What Google search term you should pick?

Since the Penguin and Panda update algorithms. It's especially relevant you do not rely on optimisation by link building for websites as much. As a result Spam sites where demoted or worse still DE-indexed by Google so its important to remove penalties. Consequently it is important to stay up to date with the latest changes to avoid problems.

The infamous "payday loans", Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates changed things a lot.

By paying attention to new patterns, it is possible to find out what the most important aspects are that define a quality website. Knowing what pattern makes content stand out and what words to use is important.

Obtain first in Google's search results, SEO can significantly improve your websites online presence. It is possible to review, update, repair and optimise existing sites coding. Redesigning and changing the appearance and look is part of the process so it is not a cause for concern so dont worry.

If you are looking for an SEO expert to work with, or ever wanted to get independent expertise and practicable advice from a pro you can ask me. Be it Amazon, eBay or eCommerce websites. Trust, honesty and integrity are important. Especially when the future of your business is at stake.

I think that trust and honesty are key components for a partnership that is going to be ongoing. It's vital, being trusted to undertake the work. Make the changes necessary is essential for any job.

One of the biggest problems about SEO is how much time it takes to see results from SEO work performed now. I certainly don't recommend buying off the shelf SEO packages. The SEO rates they offer for NO.1 for cheap, may look attractive but are they effective?

There is an inherent delay in the period it takes for clients to see benefits from work undertaken. For business improvements to take effect. This is one of the reasons I suggest taking your time choosing the best SEO's for your business needs.

Never try to get quick gains, over a short time for a small SEO price. It will result in a problem, as usually any benefits you get do not last. I suggest to my clients to be patient, waiting for at least 3 to 6 months, any shorter time is not advisable.

I try to remain in front of other UK SEO experts, to beat them; it takes time for the work performed to have an impact and for long-term gains to take effect.

Get the most out of your SEO social media marketing and digital marketing SEO budget. An advanced SEO expert knows how it is possible to offer you benefits at a better SEO price.

Spending money on SEO provides benefits now and for years after you stop investing in it.

Spend money on my tailored packages for SEO. You get a 100% traffic and leads increase in months + top #1 rankings and page #1 rankings will appear.

You will profit in the present and continue to get a return on investment (ROI) and profit from your online business in to the future.

My clients obtain better results, collaborate with me for a continued effort and work on your site until it becomes profitable.

Google does not reward short term strategies or low quality SEO. Rather slow and steady link building and onsite optimisation. I know the details that provide powerful SEO benefits to increase google rankings on the world wide web.


SEO expert


United Kingdom dedicated SEO services

SEO services for websites based in the United Kingdom.

Performing only search engine optimisation work.

Quality links from website domains hosted exclusively in the UK only.

Qualities to look for in your SEO Expert to get your website ranking in Google.

Who is Lee Mac? Discover the #1 man to get a modern website built to rank in search engines and please human visitors, for the biggest number of unique monthly visitors from search engines. The #1 man for organic search and social media. Work with me; the online reputation management SEO expert based in London.

One of the first people to try understand the human element of search patterns. Unravel the complexity, reverse engineer and decode the algorithm used by Google. The best search engine developed by humans.

Want to get a 100% traffic and leads increase in months + top #1 rankings and page #1 rankings for your keywords?

The SEO industry is not about trying to make search engines rank bad websites. SEO is producing natural writing that they want to list higher on the first page.

By creating a fantastic modern website, that offers an amazing experience for the user. Well-written content that appeals to search engines will have a bearing on the results.

By improving and optimising sites, I can provide an excellent consumer experience. Providing the greatest potential transformation of your business.

I perform continuous SEO promotion without advertising that that makes your website begin selling.

Expect top rankings on Google for the search term. Improved websites rankings on Google for related keywords. I perform SEO that changes internet properties.

Promote digital trade and placement for your UK domains. More positions for associated keywords. Improve your reputation and the online presence. A .com 100% traffic and leads increase in months + top #1 rankings and page #1 rankings.

Definitely use of Lee Macs services helps. For those requiring someone who is enthusiastic about discovering, interpreting and understanding SEO techniques.

Let me realise the complex details required to help you make sense of algorithms. Working at finding breakthroughs and innovations in SEO. Keeping things fresh, I actually start to make a difference.

I have a scientific approach, thinking outside the box. Performing SEO as a trade so long, it has become like SEO science.

For a long time I have been experimenting and undertaking complete SEO campaigns. I am almost certain that only a small amount of people like me comprehend and decode white hat SEO exactly. I can link, detect and change factors in your content. Get increased traffic, leads and profit from your UK domain.

About me

Who am I? Hello, my name is Lee Mac, I am an SEO Expert I work on websites for companies in the London area and throughout the UK. I excel at SEO, getting you more sales and making you more money. I offer one of the most highly recommended SEO services in the UK. I'm skilled at increasing rankings and getting businesses to the top of Google


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Web Professional

  • I can say with confidence that to get a website to the top will not be easy. You need to invest in someone who is passionate, knows the industry, has the right approach and is good at his job, to make certain business owners can reach their full potential.
  • Do you want to improve you brand reputation, brand exposure, mentions and brand presence to be found online?
  • If you need an SEO Guru then without a doubt I am the man to help you. I know the SEO business inside out. I have been helping to improve the presence of websites with inbound marketing for a long time.
  • Forget what you know about White Hat or Black Hat tricks, i can get more people to your site every day.
  • After a few months, it is possible to get a website on page 1 of Google for competitive terms with the right content.
  • Providing great big improvements requires more than a few SEO tricks. London is the center of the industry, but it can be expensive and time consuming if you go to a London agency.
  • Get outstanding website work at a fraction of the SEO cost of London agencies. The result will be evident in a traffic and leads increase in months.
  • Sometimes updates can cause a site to lose its spot from page one in Google. It requires expertise and experience to discover what has caused the issue. I can put in place changes and test a site to regain the top spot.
  • Get a hold of a copy of this Google SEO strategy download.pdf, it includes straightforward and actionable things you can do to get SEO results.
  • To get back on to page 1 and continue to climb higher I recommend you use my help and your leads will rise.
  • I am amazed when people say, "Lee can you give us some SEO tips". Its highly recommended that my potential clients study my site for a couple of weeks and learn, please put in to place changes to your site and your Google positions will improve.
  • I first discovered how much I enjoyed offering advice years ago, when I noticed what a difference digital marketing makes.
  • I got interested in SEO and spent a considerable amount of time leaning that a clean, well designed useful website and content is needed to create a traffic and leads increase in months for top #1 rankings and page #1 rankings.
  • ​If you want your month on month exposure to grow, you need to know the SEO facts. If you come up first in Google for chosen keywords and understand keyword competition, you can make you a fortune, that alone is worth hiring me for.
  • My policy to my customers is to be honest, my reputation and trade name is important to me. I believe in listening and addressing their concerns.
  • Old dated domains can get a fresh look, pretty much any web property can be rebuilt from scratch for a reasonable price.
  • Currently it is possible for me to carry out work assigned and scheduled ahead on a month by month basis for sites in the UK.

Develop your internet presence with Lee's affordable SEO services.

SEO for old or new sites, I am confident I will turn my ideas into a real increase in leads and a better user experience.

I use an "holistic approach" that includes building natural high quality links. As the way to gain authority has changed in recent years with the advent of Google hummingbird.

Obtain links from UK servers, domains and directories, links when obtained from authority web directories to complement your SEO.

Creating a list of the your top priorities will help you shape and form your objectives, so I suggest you create an actionable list of your top goals.

Clients I work with have a UK address and telephone number and want to outperform the competition in the listings.

If you want to get a traffic and leads increase in months + top #1 rankings and page #1 rankings work with me.

I only have a few clients at a time, this allows me to focus on each company. Writing material and providing a product and service to meet your requests, deliver results, help you increase leads and take you to the next level for a price that is suitable.

SEO recent achievements

You can expect an increase in months of online site traffic, increased leads, visitors and to start to get discovered for your keywords and appear on the first page.

WWWDescriptionAdd-onSizeDomain AgeBuild timeType pages1 month2 weeksCompany pages12 + years4 monthsCompany pages1 year1 monthCompany 12+ pages5 year1 monthSole Trader

Get ahead of the competition with Lee Mac, helping you increase traffic leads and visitors, available I'm based and working from London UK.

Last updated: February 21, 2017