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SEO Consultant Lee MacI'm Lee Mac, a freelance SEO consultant. Trusted by businesses to get more leads, and increase revenue from their websites. Clients get first page in Google search results with my knowledge, experience and skills.

I have worked as a freelance SEO consultant since 2004. I provide services for SEO companies; my main operations involve developing contextual webpages with a high degree of semantic relevancy for your industry. I have scientific and technological expertise based on research related to the SEO process.

I am a specialist with proven SEO skills, search Google.co.uk keyword phrase expert. Get found when people look for your products or services online, you need to hire my 'professional SEO services'.



Understanding data and identifying systems to beat Google's algorithm and get discovered.


Do you need to hire an SEO expert who can help boost site visitors and UK organic SEO results?


Get on the first page of Google, expert search and professional SEO website design in one place.


The SEO company I run can increase organic search traffic with website SEO marketing.


Get your business on the web and make it appear first in Google's search results with me.


Are you looking for SEO services, search engine optimisation expert guidance or advice?

Why employ an international search engine-marketing firm... or London agency?

When you just need a freelance SEO

I will be your SEO freelancer, I understand and can show you how to get more visitors to your website in the UK

Q: Do you want to know how to get more hits on your website?
A: Its simple, to improve your website ranking and make it more visible, get help from one of the best!

If you want more organic search traffic, optimising your small business or company website for search is a systematic process. SEO is really about influencing search engines to rank a website.

Think what SEO is about, before the building and creating begins look at this SEO checklist.

  1. Seek out an affordable search optimisation company,
  2. build and design SEO optimised website,
  3. optimise website for Google search engine ranking,
  4. submit website using search engine submission services,
  5. check websites position for organic search keywords using tailored analysis tools for tracking,
  6. collect visitors statistics using Google website analytics (free stats visitor report),
  7. work to drive visitors by doing SEO for local search,
  8. increase hits and track hits from targeted visitors to website,
  9. promote website, advertise your company online to increase visits,
  10. Many reviews, go back to step 3 and repeat through to 9 constantly refining and tweaking.

The best ways to increase traffic is to use internet website services that can raise the number of visitors to a business website naturally.

Search engine placement takes time, if you need website consulting services for internet marketing you have to think about a few basic things:

  1. company rankings - who is the best rated management company,
  2. pricing - compare SEO consultancy hourly rates,
  3. optimisation techniques - are they white hat or black hat,
  4. how long will it take to get better search results,
  5. will it increase traffic,
  6. will it bring more sales, high quality leads and guaranteed conversions?

I recommend you take your time, evaluate the competition and learn the basics about strategies, discovering techniques used to rank websites in search engines before you begin.

Please be aware that if you buy cheap website optimisation services they will probably be ineffective.

The SEO cost for good design and expert agency advice is not cheap, if you don't want to commit to pay a Google SEO optimisation firm there are a number of other choices.

  1. Advertise your website, purchase paid instant traffic,
  2. buy targeted traffic from social networks,
  3. buy visitors with Pay per Click (PPC) website advertising,
  4. promote your website offline.

My clients get the best SEO results, for a continued effort and work on a business until it becomes profitable, collaborate with me because I am very good at my job.

Google does not reward short term strategies or low quality SEO. Rather slow and steady link building and onsite optimisation.

I know the details that provide powerful SEO benefits and how much time it takes to help clients increase rankings on the world wide web.

By Lee Mac

SEO expert

If you want to improve your Google ranking you need to ask yourself: Am I prepared to spend real money on a marketing company or marketing services for my website promotion and Google optimisation?

You will profit in the present and continue to get a return on investment (ROI) and more conversions in to the future.
Increase traffic to your website with a recommended SEO Expert

Each business is unique, companies differ in location, size, and turnover and therefore comparison of prices for SEO is difficult.

Do you need complete website SEO, or just technical advice? Whatever your requirements, my fees are reasonable.

If you have a problem and do not have the expertise to find the solution, then you may have thought to yourself; "I need to search for an SEO expert to help me uncover and solve the issue".

That is probably how you found this site and why my strategy for SEO will help you quickly get your site again on page 1 and rising. Highly encouraging results, defiantly make my service worthwhile.

I can do website custom development or create full SEO content optimisation strategies; actually, this is what the work is, largely to do copywriting for your domain.

I gain visibility for sites and get higher search rankings, using ethical search and SEO methods.

The majority of people do not understand SEO as I do, I can boost traffic to your website, getting more highly targeted leads and generating sales from search with my #1 ranked SEO.

I see the largest SEO keyword ranking results for major search terms for the index homepage usually within weeks.
In order to get a market share you need to focus on the long-tail search results.

My strategy is not to measure my success by one natural search ranking for a single phrase; it is very important that you cover the whole topic with total on page optimisation.

Not many search engine marketing (sem) companies can do an SEO audit as I can. If you are thinking of hiring an SEO, I say, "why wait". For an honest and genuine appraisal, work with me, an SEO engineer you can trust who can give you a fresh perspective.

For a friendly SEO explanation, get in touch with me if understanding search is your goal, I rank web pages, and am your #1 SEO expert to get you more traffic from across the UK.

I cater for small firms and large corporations, SEO quotes vary, so get in touch with me.

Let me know what and where and of course I guarantee to get back to you.

Like share or tweet, I update my writing with tips, training and secret tricks you can use to generate sales, so stay in touch and get social.

Who am I? Hello, my name is Lee Mac, I am an SEO Expert I work on websites for companies in the London area and throughout the UK. I excel at SEO, getting you more sales and making you more money. I offer one of the most highly recommended SEO services within the UK. I'm skilled at increasing rankings and getting businesses to the top of Google

Get in touch with me today to hire me:

Email: Contact Me
Telephone: 07838165169

United Kingdom dedicated SEO services

SEO services for websites located in the United Kingdom.

Quality links from website domains hosted exclusively in the UK only.

Performing www.google.co.uk only search engine optimisation work.

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Develop your internet presence with Lee's affordable SEO services

SEO for old or new sites, I am confident I will turn my ideas into a real increase in leads and a better user experience.

I use a "holistic approach" that includes building natural high quality links, as the way to gain authority, brand awareness and exposure has changed quite a lot in recent years with the advent of Google hummingbird.

I can get you links on UK servers, domains and directories. Authority web directories to complement your SEO.

Creating a list of the your top priorities will help you shape and form your objectives, create an actionable list of your top goals.

Clients I work with have a UK address and telephone number, if you want to outperform the competition in the listings for an increase in leads work with me.

If you want to get a .co.uk 100% traffic and leads increase in months + top #1 rankings and page #1 rankings work with me.

If you are looking for a very experienced SEO manager with an online reputation and presence, to view, monitor, measure and interpret models and not off the shelf SEO packages and plans, then I am a provider that offers solutions for you.

Consider me, trusted to carry out work, including the necessary industry knowledge and coding skills for penalty removal and fixing problems. I have the ability to test and update site's to achieve first page on Google.

I do not work on many client websites at one time, this allows me to focus on each company, writing, material and providing a product and service that meets the requirements.

The most important point is that I deliver results, providing massive value in extremely competitive markets for companies (such as Origin "Pharmaceuticals" packaging division and container design services that is limited to very specific products), to help you increase leads and take you to the next level for a price that is suitable.

Resent SEO achievements

You can expect an increase in months of UK online site traffic with my approach, increased leads, visitors and to start to get found and appear more often for relevant and related keywords and achieve page #1.

Get ahead of the competition with Lee Mac who is an authority on SEO, helping you increase organic search traffic, leads and visitors, I'm based and working in London, UK.

Last updated: December 20, 2017