Hello, my name is Lee Mac; I am interested in the methods used by computers to search, unravelling the complexities of algorithms and making breakthroughs in analysing patterns.

I initially got interested in technology and building websites about 15 years ago; I became fascinated, started learning passionately about the science involved and enjoyed how easy it was to make a living online.

The digital revolution that arrived with home computers eventually lead to the science of SEO.

As my knowledge grew, reading training tutorials, watching video guides on youtube, trying different SEO tools out and asking questions online, I perfected the skills needed.

I realised that becoming an SEO expert was a means to help me rise up the rankings.

As time passed it became increasingly more difficult to master the SEO strategies, this kept me interested in learning SEO.

Being interested in SEO and through real world trial and error, I leaned the art of SEO and I now posses the proven qualities necessary to offer advice about the responsibilities involved.

You can find me on Google+