What is a SEO expert?

I will tell you exactly what the meaning of SEO is, before elaborating on what the roll of an SEO expert or SEO consultant is.

"Search engine optimisation" often referred to as S.E.O

So SEO describes methods used to enhance a websites position in search engines (referred to SERPS) in order to drive more targeted visitors to your site.

Therefore, the definition of an SEO expert is a person who uses online marketing strategies to make websites appear above competing sites in Googles search results when users type keywords or phrases to try to satisfy their query.

Comprehending the Freelance SEO Consultants Strategy is not Easy

I am among the most innovative advanced high-level freelance seo consultants, thinking and working in the organic search market today.

My individual talent is one that understands precisely how to convert information in to a structure recognised and understood by Google.

Knowing the complex rules and being able to offer benefits to my clients with more targeted traffic.

  • Do you need local business Google SEO services and small business local SEO help?
  • Are you in the process of thinking about the value of employing an freelance SEO consultant, or do you need one?
  • Do you think a Google consultant will help you perform better and improve your business?
  • Do you need Website consulting help and advice?
  • Do you want a price less than the SEO hourly rates that my competitors are offering packages for?

If you think the answer to these questions is yes, then you may benefit from marketing consulting advice from a mature SEO planner who can manage individual tailored marketing promotions.

Get advice from a very skilled and professional consulting provider based in the UK, in a very competitive business trying to rank highly in Google requires planning from a master strategist.

Very experienced and well informed, with the intellectual tools "literally" at my fingertips, perhaps more than virtually any other SEO optimisation guy available in the UK today.

What precisely does an freelance SEO consultant do?

An SEO expert has to:
  • Appreciate and understand precisely what you are trying to promote, your client base and the volume of good or services you are trying to sell,
  • Be creative and be able to identify opportunities that will help you increase organic search traffic, it is not just about getting more web traffic but knowing what phrases and keywords your customers are looking for, promoting and ranking a site highly for these search terms and using a combination of effective copywriting and back links to achieve this.
  • It is important to measure the results and monitor you internet position with analytical methods, by interpreting traffic from Google and knowing what these numbers mean you can benefit from an improved site position.
  • Finally, practical improvements in code, sites content and internal navigational structure will increase a websites conversion rates and revenue.

As a freelance SEO consultant I will analyse your business before doing any search engine optimisation, by conducting a review of your websites content, speed and internal and external links I will then be able to understand what is happening in order to help you.

  • Increase your search engine position for profitable key-phrases,
  • Drive relevant contextual backlinks form authority domains,
  • Improve the traffic to your website from your target audience.

I have been working as a freelance SEO consultant in the internet marketing sector for around 15 years. I have built my knowledge and expertise concerning all things SEO over this time, allowing me to completely dominate Google for some very difficult to rank for search terms.

I have also run E-commerce website shops and optimised Amazon and EBay listings to create sales from other domains that rank highly in Google using proven SEO techniques.

My website that you are viewing now ranks near the top of Googles search engine results for some competitive SEO related keywords. Let me use my SEO skills to help your business dominate the sites you are competing against online.

If dealing with a self-employed genuine SEO expert who can get you real results is what you are looking for, then get in touch with me today.