How to Actually Get to the Top of Google

Last updated: June 28, 2016

If you have a website then you are going to be trying to gain rank of #1 in Google , this is true for everyone be it small business or international corporation, everyone wants to be top. It is not enough to be #1 for just your principal keyword you will want #1 rankings for many keywords in Google search results related to your site. To get your website ranked first for your target keyword can be very competitive for valuable high conversion head search terms. If you have hired a good SEO consultant who knows his job, then your small business website should naturally be positioned high up in the Google rankings for the keyword you are targeting.

You cannot just get your businesses website to be ranked #1 without spending time money and effort, to get to the top of Google you have to earn it. Getting your website ranked first may require the services of an SEO expert who has a deep knowledge about websites, keyword research, back linking and optimised content creation.

Google try’s to deliver what they believe has earned the right to be ranked first for any given keyword based on what the Google algorithm determines is the best content match for your query. This aligns with what humans also want to see, the best content ranked first in the search results, and this is exactly what Google is trying to deliver.

It makes sense that you want to see the best content first that is most relevant to you and Google wants to display the best content first that has earns the right, so in order to be ranked fist your website must have better content than higher ranked sites.

Understanding what is considered the best content “algorithmically” by Google is a little trickier, what is considered the best content is the page that returns the most relevant result for the keyword phrase that is searched for.

In order for Google to understand what the best content is and why it deserves to be #1, it has to rely on machine learning, but because understanding language and intent are particularly difficult, it will sometimes make mistakes and return content written by automated software and not even a person.

It would be impossible to manually review each piece of content on the web and judge its merits, so certain metrics are used to break down a page in to its constituent parts and analyse them.

These include the keywords or “words and phrases” included in the copy of the page, the amount of time spent by users on the page and the amount and quality of linking websites to the page.

It is important to take note of the fact that Google ranks webpages, not actual websites themselves for the keywords.

Making sure, you understand this is vital because Google search results return the webpages for queries and not just the website homepages, when people search for keyword phrases.

This can be considered as a positive for a mediocre website owner, as it means that you will not be automatically outranked by a good website for the keyword that you are targeting.

Even if a website has, a good backlink profile and good content it can still be outranked for a specific keyword by a website that largely has inferior content and less backlinks.

This can occur if a webpage from a lower-quality website has created much better content for a specific keyword than a competing webpage from what is generally considered a better quality website.

Sometimes the best content may not be ranked at the top of Google. It may be that the best content for a particular keyword is being ranked lower down in the search results and the #1 spot is taken by a webpage with poor content.

This can happen for a number of reasons, It may be that Google’s algorithm is not sophisticated enough to discern the difference in quality and it can also be because a company’s SEO business strategy is employing faster ways to achieve their ranking position.

Usually this “faster way” involves directing questionable backlinks to a webpage to artificially improve importance and authority. These SEO strategies may work in the short-term but usually they are high-risk techniques, some websites employ these shady methods use to boost their ranking.

You are probably going to get caught by Google in the end and then the businesses that have used these sneaky techniques to improve their rankings will ultimately get a penalty applied to their businesses site that results in a loss of position that may not be recoverable as the domain becomes toxic.

Getting long-lasting reliable results to achieve good rankings you have to deserve them, to earn them, it requires that you produce better content for your page that will make your site rank for a specific keyword term higher up than the competing webpages that are ranking in googles top 10 results for that keyword.

By understanding why the content of the pages that are ranked in the top 10 perform better than your page, you can then create content that is of the same quality as that content.

It takes a lot of time and can require some financial investment to get ranked first, getting to the top of google will require the knowledge and skill of an SEO consultant or firm, you will have to earn it.

They will probably not be able to guarantee #1 rankings without actually using unethical strategies as the link landscape is constantly changing and other business’s websites are improving their rankings and jostling for position.

If you have employed best practices, have top-notch content on your website, and you have earned the right to be placed at the top of google, then using a good SEO service can aid you in achieving your goals without using bad strategies.

By reverse engineering, the strategies of the competition to find out what sites are linking to pages ranked in the top 10, then approaching those sites and requesting a link back to a superior page on your website, if your site is made up of poor content its unlikely they will want to link back to you.

This is the reason why having the best content about a given topic will naturally result in contextual back links from other sites related to the topic, without even requesting them. Your link building efforts are minimal and you can focus on creating more high-quality content for your page.

If you are thinking about using an SEO service provider to conduct SEO work for you, it is a good idea the think about what pages of your website you are going to focus on.

What keywords you want to rank for and is the content you provide on the pages any better than the competing pages content that are already ranking in the top 10 for the keywords you are targeting.

If you realise that your content is not as good as the competition, you need to spend some time first on enhancing the content you already have. Consider the content on the page you are trying to rank and compare with the pages ranking in the top 10 and honestly ask yourself if you have earned the right to be a the top of Google.