The Average SEO Costs for UK SEO Services

Last updated: October 14, 2017

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SEO prices in the UK

The prices for SEO services can vary a lot, if you are seeking to hire an SEO company, initially it may be a little perplexing.

You need to plan ahead and look around in order to find the right SEO service for your business as prices can vary widely from anywhere between £50 to £200 per hour for an expert. The pricing varies a lot; so how much you should be paying for SEO solutions?

The typical amount to spend on SEO can be broken down in to a simple structure; the type of services offered and the average prices you can expect to pay for them for SEO services.

Average SEO charges in the UK – Simple Review

Cheapest SEOMid Range SEOTop End SEO
Monthly Rate£50£800 – £1000£1500 – £8000
Initial Set Up£0£2000 – £3000£5000
OpinionIf you are charged this, you’ll get minimal SEO benefit. Think about doing it in house.For modest websites with very little competiton in Google or other search engines, this is OK. Preferably this includes some type of content promotion.For large complex shopping websites, sites or if your business has a lot of online competitors, it’s probably more economical to deliver results with dedicated SEO solutions.

Pay by the hour – If you just need someone to guide you for a few hours every month or to review your work then paying by the hour is a cost effective way of billing. You should expect to pay an SEO professional an hourly rate starting at around £50 for an individual and up to £200 for an SEO agency.

Monthly pricing plans – This is the SEO consulting model typically used by SEO agencies; you should expect to pay at around £800 – £1000 a month for someone reliable. If you are only interested in link building then you can find specific agencies that can provide a good service for around £800 a month. You have to understand that the results you can expect to obtain are directly related to your monthly SEO spend.

If you are competing with a brand, or someone who is spending double on ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ than what you spend a month, all things being equal you are going to struggle to compete. SEO companies need to understand the industry they are promoting; a deeper knowledge will help to beat the competition. By understanding, each element of your SEO campaign it is possible to make a plan to succeed. It’s best to avoid cheap SEO services that are well below the industry standard rates per month. If they don’t charge much, it is likely they are ineffective or worse still a risk to your business.

Pricing per project Its more difficult to price a job like this as essentially its making a prediction of monthly pricing costs. Expect a price quote for the projects monthly cost for SEO services and how many months it will take to complete the task to be provided by the SEO Company. Therefore, you will know upfront what the complete price of the job will be and this will allow you budget for  monthly payments or when they reach set targets.

Bespoke services – For particular types of services that will help optimise your Google presence this can be one of the most affordable solutions. The main advantage is that you can choose what type of services you want, this may be the best deal if for example if you only want a one time SEO audit by a consultant. In order to understand what you are paying for you can ask the SEO firm to explain what exactly the service you requested involves and the time it takes to perform so that you know you are paying a reasonable price.

Performance based (fixed rate) – Buying SEO services based on results is a good way to ensure you get a return on your investment. Pay by performance can be a good idea if you are working with a reliable and reputable company who will not put your business at risk. However, if you are paying by ranking keywords this can be risky, as they may use black-hat methods to rank your site quickly. You should think twice before you risk yor website’s SEO. Cheap services can damage your reputation, thats why its best to work with a company you know you can trust.

Things to consider before you buy monthly SEO packages
Costs, the quality of the SEO Company you work with is important, don’t just focus on the price of SEO but think about your long-term return on investment, not just “how much does it cost”.

Don’t risk your websites reputation or standing in the search engines by hiring a cheap SEO company just to save money in the short term; it may well end up costing you a lot more in the end.

Don’t get caught out by a cheap SEO services, pay a little extra for a great service and peace of mind instead.

Affordable SEO services for small business

The price you pay for SEO marketing will be dependent on a multitude of factors including:-

  • What keywords are being targeted.
  • The number of keywords being targeted.
  • How competitive the keyword is.
  • Are you competing locally, nationally or internationally.

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The more phrases you want to rank for and the age of your existing online business in comparison to your competitors will determine the level of financial investment required by you to achieve higher rankings and increase visitors to your site.

Therefore, to give a reliable estimate of the cost of SEO you will need to consider these points.

  • Will you get a good ROI (return on investment).
  • What methods are used and are there any risks inherent in these practices to long-term success.