How Small Businesses Beat Larger Ones To The Top Of Google

Last updated: June 28, 2016

Forget rumours and speculation, if you are running a big well-known website then you will have the benefit of a pretty big SEO budget, this gives big business a distinct advantage over smaller firms if you are trying to reach the top of Google, however there are some tactics and SEO local services you can use to help you compete.
The main reason why small business websites ranking higher than brand name websites in Google is not something that often happens is because small businesses fail to do in depth research, focusing on the wrong keywords that they have no chance of outranking larger competitors with.
There are lots of instances where small businesses outrank big businesses, reaching the top of Google  with a small SEO budget is possible for small business websites is possible if you dont make some basic mistakes.
Making sure you do not pick the wrong keywords will mean that you stand no chance of outranking bigger brands who you are competing with.
If your small business is selling car, you are not going to be able to rank your website above bigger more established companies that are selling supplements for a keyword like “car”.
The reason is that larger companies that have been online for a long time and have an established online presence will be spending a lot of money each month on SEO to retain their positions in the results for that phrase.
It is unrealistic for a small business to rank at the top for such a keyword. The amount of time and effort not to mention the costs involved make it almost impossible for a small business to achieve these kinds of results.
When we spend some time to investigate we will see that “buy car”, “cheap car” and “second hand car” will probably be too difficult for a small car business to rank a website for, however there are many longer more targeted keyword phrases that contain the word car in them that are still getting lots of searches every month.
We could realistically expect to be able to get results in the top of Google search for, when we start to add phrases that are specific to the search location and augment our search with a town; city or county, the pool of competing pages diminishes.
It is probably still not possible to rank for these longer more targeted keyword phrases, trying to outrank big businesses that are ranking in the top 10 on the first page quickly without outlaying a lot of money is going to be difficult.
The reason is that Google does not rank websites, Google ranks webpages individually, their primary focus is to serve you the most relevant webpage for any given search query that you perform, they are not concerned if the page they return is from a small business’s website or from a larger business’s site.
It is important to understand this point as it will really help you when you are trying to rank for a specific keyword.
Google ranking webpages means that small business can focus on creating a better webpage than the one that is currently ranking on the first page for that keyword, you don’t have to build a whole website that better than the competition that are on the first page.
It is impossible for large companies even when they have larger budgets to promote their websites online, to build an awesome, tightly focused relevant page for all the possible long-tail keyword phrases out there.
This is where small businesses can gain an advantage over the bigger players in the industry, even in very competitive markets.
In order for you to realise these advantages it is important for you to create high quality content, this opportunity to write content that will get you on the first page exists because you can take the time to write content that is niche specific and very focused on the keywords you want to target.
Big companies might have big budgets to spend on their websites, but they cannot create a great, relevant page for every keyword phrase related to their industry, and that leaves windows of opportunity for small businesses, even in competitive industries.
To be able to take advantage of those opportunities they need to create high quality content (that is better than the content currently on the first page) very closely related to the keywords they want to target.
It is not just the quality of your webpage that is important off-site factors (links) are very important and Google relies heavily on them when they determine the importance of a webpage.
To make smaller businesses  rank higher for your target keywords than larger ones you will need to attract links and let your potential readership know about your webpage to so they can link to it.
There is a bit more to it than just getting lots of links pointing at your webpage, the page that ranks the highest will have good quality backlinks too.
To beat the competition and rank higher in the results than a well-established website, links pointing at a relevant page of your site need to be of a higher quality than those backlinks directed at the well-known site.
You really need to get to grips with the concepts of trust and authority to understand why large businesses need fewer backlinks to rank pages on their site.
It may seem unfair, but over time these more established sites have usually gained trust and authority through media citations from powerful domains, this benefit will trickle down to all the pages within their site.
So small businesses will probably have to work that extra bit harder by trying to gain more links from external websites to the page they are trying to rank than their larger more established business competitors do when they are both focusing on the same keyword.
The trick for a small business that is trying to compete with a larger on is to get external websites to link to their content.
The reason why large businesses attract links is not always, because their content is better, it is just because people know about them that they link to them.
The good news is that people are happy to link to any content no matter what its source; it does not have to be from large company websites.
People will link to good content, so creating the best content that is niche specific and targeted at the keyword phrases you want to rank for and making sure the people who are important see it is the final part of the puzzle.
You can find those people on forums, social media sites and websites related to your industry.
It can be a time consuming exercise to reach out and make contact with these people, but building relationships with the influential people in your industry is the way that small businesses can gain the upper hand.
It is much easier to build a personal relationship for a small business with an individual than it is for a faceless large company. The upshot of this is your response rate will be higher and people will be more willing to engage with you.
The standard practice for SEO’s is to find who is linking to webpages on the first page of Google for the keyword that you want to rank your website for.
If you have created a page for your small business that offers higher quality content than the blog page or website page that is already being linked to from another site, then you can reach out to the webmaster of the website.
Sites linking in to your competitors and ask them to link to your small business page as it is as good as if not better than the content they are already linking to.
Its beneficial for a small business to reach out to the people in their industry, people who have a vested interest in the same topic will be inclined to want to link to content that is appropriate, especially when the person who has contacted them is warm and friendly. It is a circle of trust that is beneficial for your website and their visitors.
After reading this article, I hope you now realise that it is not impossible for you to get to the top of Google.
The methodology is sound and it involved picking the right keywords, creating the best content and reaching out to the right people in order to get your content seen.
It takes time, requires work and effort but does reward the owners of small businesses with targeted traffic that helps them compete with larger companies.
It is possible for your small business to take advantage of these insights and take action today, no matter what industry you are in there are opportunities out there for you to grab right now.