New Content, Improved Rankings, Extra Visitors & More Sales

Last updated: June 28, 2016

If you own a business, you are probably thinking about spending some money on your website to either improve it, by redesigning your old website, however developing a successful website does not end there, you can benefit from using SEO services for local businesses to get to #1 in Google.
To be honest a website is never finished, if your aim is to dominate the SERPS then you have to constantly tweak and modify it to improve its rankings and increase traffic and sales. A good way to improve your site is to regularly add fresh content.
There are a many reasons that adding new content will help your business and you get to the top of Google and help maintain that position, but also it is recommended to deliver content that your people are looking for.
Search engines are constantly re-indexing and ranking sites in the search engine results, so if you want to keep making money you need to produce content regularly and you will benefit from better rankings and more visitors.
It’s not set in stone as to how much or when you should add new content to your website, but it’s a good habit to get in to and most businesses would benefit and see better results by adding new pages of high quality content to their site regularly. It’s important to keep in mind that the quality of the content over quantity is an important factor, add a few good quality pages to your site is preferable to adding lots of low quality pages every month.
How will your business benefit from adding new content to your site?

Rank more keywords

Every time you add a new page to your website its offers a chance to rank for a new keyword, it stand to reason that the more keywords you target the more your site will rank for when people search online. By writing in-depth content about your subject matter, you will not only rank for a single keyword but a multitude of long-tail keywords related to the topic of the page. Collectively these keywords search volume, when combined will amount to a large increase in new search exposure and traffic to your site.

Drive more social signals and backlinks

Every time you write a new webpage, it offers another opportunity for people to link to your website. With so many people using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ , links to your site and social signals will grow organically without you having to build backlinks.
This will result in an increase in trustworthy signals to search engines that will improve authority of your site and in turn result in improved rankings, for not only a single keyword but also multiple phrases that you are targeting.

Becoming an expert on your topic

Displaying expertise and a deep knowledge about your subject matter will probably require a number of pages, each focusing on a specific area of expertise you are writing about. Having more pages of high quality content about a given topic is better than just a few pages of content that broadly covers a subject. By providing detailed information, you will develop trust in your readership, by developing trust you will find it easier to sell your goods and services to people.

Retain visitors for longer on your site

Creating more content pages will encourage viewers to spend longer browsing your site, by increasing the time spent on your site you increase the chances of completing a sale. The time on your site is an important metric that search engines consider as it equates that more time, equals usefulness and relevance to the searchers query and is a factored in to search engine algorithms used in ranking websites result in people spending more time on your site.

Motivate visitors to return

By updating your content you encourage readers to return to view fresh content, if you post useful information often then visitors will often return to your site.
If you have a small site you can improve it by adding quality content that provides utility and is interesting each week then people will keep coming back often to see what is new.