Local SEO Guidance and Advice

Last updated: June 28, 2016

Ranking your website you need local SEO for your business to increase your exposure in the local search results, Google displays 2-7 results for local businesses with a map in addition to the regular search results.

It can make your business and website improve its position if you take advantage of this advice, try to apply 100% of these recommendations to make local businesses rank more highly in the local search results.

You will need to have a registered address in the town or city your business is targeting, this is vital to succeed in the local search results without it you will not be able appear for that location.

Even without a local address for the town or city, your website can still appear in the regular search results, which display results for localised keywords after the local business listings

A verified Google+ Local page is essential for your website, firstly create a Google+ Local page and you will be sent a verification code to your registered address.

When you receive this PIN code you can enter it on the Google+ Local page to verify you are in fact the owner of the business (It appears that Google is no longer allowing phone verification for many listings due to spam appearing in the maps results).

It is important that you do not have duplicate Google+ Local pages for your business name, address and phone number. If you have more than one Google+ Local page, you will need to remove the duplicate pages by logging in to your Google account.

Once you Google+ Locale page is set up, make sure you complete all the details requested, this would include a detailed description of your business that includes keywords related to services or products you are targeting. Upload images up to 8 images and add a video (you can use a URL from your YouTube account).

Include a link to your website  from your Google+ Local page, this will usually be your home page, but it’s up to you if you wish to use the contact or about us page (whatever you feel is the best optimised and relevant).

Make sure you have performed the on-site optimisation of your page including the title tag; header tag and webpage copy, and then include a link to this page from your Google+ Local page.

Google+ Local page can be assigned to a category, make sure you select the correct most relevant category that accurately describes your business or service, think about the overall classification of the services or products you sell, not individual items.

A local phone number is helpful rather than just a mobile, by choosing a phone number with the local area code of the city you are on both your website and your Google+ Local page will help increase your relevancy.

It is important to use exactly the same data for your business’s name address and phone number (NAP)

It is essential that the business name, address and phone number used on your Google+ Local page is correct and correlates with the business name, address and phone number on the linked webpage from the Google+ Local page.

It is important that people who wish to contact you can easily reach out to you, add your business name, address and phone number in a clearly visible place on all your webpages so people do not have to search to find it. Including a contact form with a link in your footer or side bar will increase leads.

It is easy to incorporate a map of your business location in a webpage, use the embed code supplied by Google maps, just locate your business and copy the code to a (WP widget most themes have one) either on the page that is linked from your Google+ Local page or your contact page.

By including your location on your website, landing page with your keywords prominently displayed in your title header and website text will increase the relevancy of the page and its coronation with your Google+ Local page.

If you wish to target multiple locations, create individual pages for each location, this is only required if your business is serving multiple locations. It is important to make sure you add individualised content to each page optimising the title tag, header and page content to make sure it has not deemed duplicate content by google (doorway pages).

By creating separate pages for all of your services and products on offer and then in turn linking to all of these pages from a summery page this will enable search engines to easily understand your website architecture and send relevancy signals between interlinking page of products and services.

Do not use duplicate content across pages of your website, its vital that you use unique content without large areas of boilerplate text with little change other than the location.

 Pages that offer little in terms of original content, will not to appear in google search results and will draw penalties from google that effect your while sites rankings for your target keywords.

Increasingly important is the responsiveness of your website to users, with more and more people accessing the web using tablets and mobile devices it is vital that your website displays correctly across multiple operating systems, browsers and screen sizes. A competent website designer will be able to locate and rectify any problems in your source code.

Links to your business from authorities trusted websites, make sure your business’s name, address and phone number appears correctly on trusted and authority websites. It is vital that you use the same details as displayed on your Google+ Local page as all sites.

Reviews are important to help your business, get your Google+ Local page and reviews from 3rd party websites. Over time, your customers will help you increase your exposure and improve your position in Google local results by leaving reviews.

Naturally reviews will include references to products and services that will help with your ratings. This should occur naturally and do not try to improve results by getting fake feedback.

On topic, relevant links from contextually related webpages to your Google+ Local page and website will help improve your rankings, Build links to your Google+ Local page and website over time, linking not only to your home page but to internal pages as well.

By adding fresh content to your Google+ Local page often and regularly with relevant news related topics, updates and related content from your website and other people in your industry, it will help in promoting businesses to people in your area.