How to Improve your Website Ranking on Google

Last updated: December 14, 2016

Google ranks websites on the #1 page of the search results when you search using keywords. Its algorithm determines (thinks) what are the most useful and relevant websites to return in the results for your search query.

You can use several methods to improve your rank in the Google search results.

The algorithm that has more than 200 different variables that mathematically calculate the most relevant web pages for any given search term.

The factors that are used to determine relevancy are a secret that webmasters and Google SEO consultants try to reverse engineer (using SEO), to understand what the most influential factors are that influence rankings.

Here’s what influences your websites ranking in the Google search results

  • The amount of inbound links.
  • The quality of inbound links.
  • The speed of the site.
  • The hierarchy and internal navigation structure.
  • The use of keywords.
  • The relevancy of the site to the topic.

Even though the algorithm used by Google is written by people, the position of websites are exclusively determined by the use of this algorithm with no human intervention (this has changed in recent years where human quality control is sometimes used to determine the quality of search results) and thus increasing rankings for websites is controlled by this algorithm.

Each website is scored by the algorithm according to these 200+ factors and the website ranked in the first position in the search results is the website that is deemed the most relevant and important. Google constantly tweaks the algorithm and the search results, so staying in first place is an ongoing job, being ranked first now is no guarantee of retaining this position in the future.

The search results and consequently websites positions can change over time as competing websites update and improve trying to rank for keywords that the SEO consultant wants to improve its position for.

If you continue to improve, monitor and tweak your website your position for any given keyword will improve, if for example you modify and improve your websites internal link structure or gain some new high quality backlinks and the competing sites do not make improvements to their websites, then you will overtake them in the rankings.

The movement of any website is determined by the quality and authority attributed to it by Googles algorithm, making small changes can move you a couple of positions whereas gaining an authority backlink can propel you to first place on page one of the results.

It is a question of trial and error, anybody who offers guaranteed fist place on Google may well be using Shady SEO methods. If you diligently and actively try to make improvements to your site over time, then you will see results in your websites rankings in Google.