How to Make a Website a High Quality Website

Last updated: June 28, 2016

A high quality website will satisfy several criteria it will deliver relevant useful content and a good experience for the user, apart from this there are multiple factors you need to consider.

Even if you spend a lot of money on building and developing your site, it does not automatically mean it will be considered high quality.

It is not important how much you spend but rather take the time to build the correct elements in to your site and spend some time on your content creation.

Search engines use an algorithm to evaluate what is high quality so ultimately this is what your website must appeal to, the human readers will also make judgements about its quality both must be satisfied.

Use my quick tips guide on what to look out for in order to make sure you create a winning website.

A high quality website must try to satisfy a many as possible of the below points (please bear in mind just one mistake, such as a slow loading website will damage your efforts) and lead to it being classified as low quality.

What to look for when assessing the quality of a website

  • Is it possible to talk to a real individual associated with it?
  • Is it totally clear of duplicate, overlapping or redundant content?
  • Is there a good balance between content and ads?
  • Is content honest, dependable and impartial?
  • Does it offer significant value in comparison to competitor online websites?
  • Is it totally clear of viruses and malware?
  • Does it avoid unneeded enrolment and information collection?
  • Is it totally clear of sneaky SEO methods (concealed text, cloaking, and doorway pages)?
  • Is the average visit duration a minimum of 1 minute?
  • Is the website name representative of the business's name?
  • Is it updated on a regular basis?
  • Is there a good balance between offering value and marketing and advertising?
  • Is it simple and logical to browse?
  • Is there feedback, critical reviews, case studies?
  • Are there photos, visuals, video clips and are they high quality?
  • Does it mention and quote other high quality online websites?
  • Is it totally clear of broken links and 404 mistakes?
  • Does content offer complete coverage of its subject?
  • Are there names and photos of the individuals associated with it?
  • Is it mentioned on, and connected to from, other high quality websites?
  • Is content totally clear of spelling, grammatical and informative mistakes?
  • Is content of the quality that you might expect to see in a published newspaper, magazine or guide?
  • Would you save, suggest, promote it?
  • Is there uniformity in style and presentation (colours, alignments, fonts)?
  • Would you trust it with your bankcard details?
  • Does it load correctly across all internet browsers and screen resolutions?
  • Does it clearly state its full postal address and telephone number?
  • If enrolment is needed or information is collected, is there an online privacy policy?
  • Is it professionally designed?
  • Are there links to its presence on social media online websites?
  • Does it have a clear topical focus?
  • Are your page titles compelling?
  • Is content written by a verifiable specialist or enthusiast?
  • Is text clear and simple to read?
  • Is content unique, valuable, engaging?
  • Do pages load in under 3 seconds?
  • Does the average visitor visit a minimum of one page?

Making sure the quality of your businesses website is vital for SEO success, you really have to concentrate your efforts on producing a high quality website in order to easily get to the top and rank highly in Google.

Google uses a complex algorithm to work out what high quality websites are, you need to satisfy these points in order to get to the top of the search results, over the years Google has released updates to their algorithm (called Panda updates) that aim to filter out low quality sites from the search results.

Every month anew Panda updates are released that impact on the rankings of low quality sites, this will damage your rating in the results even if your site is performing well under the primary algorithm with a good backlink profile and lots of quality content.

Each site is assessed by Google on a page-by-page level and as a whole site. If you produce lots of low quality pages of content or duplicate content, your whole site will be impacted negatively even for a good quality site the overall rankings will fall.

You can just think of search engines, your website must satisfy the users as well, often webmasters concentrate rankings without thinking of their human visitors, and your business will only thrive if it satisfies both users and search engines.

Converting visitors in to customers or sales leads is your primary goal; a high quality website will convert at a much higher rate than a low quality site, so it makes sense to invest the time and money in enhancing the quality of your businesses site.

Look at each page individually, review the information and images on the page, remove poor quality text or pictures and update and improve.

Take a look at the information provided by Google analytics to try to get an understanding of how your visitors interact with your site; this will help you understand what pages are working and where your traffic is coming from.