Methods to get Backlinks

Last updated: April 24, 2017

Produce powerful compelling content

Generate items of content such as tutorials, articles, guides and instructional tuts about how to do things that are superior to other content on the internet about that topic in order to get backlinks.

Reach out to websites that are already linking to similar content and tell them about your write up you produced.

Discover who has been copying your writing

Have a look on Google for strings of text from multiple sentences on your site from different pages. Include the text in a search encapsulating it with quotation marks “a string of text” from your site, this will return a list of pages in in the search results that have copied text from your website without asking for consent.

Reach out to them and let them know you are happy for them to continue using it as long as they provide an attribution link back to the original article source.

Allow attributed copying of your content

Include in the source code of your content some JavaScript that automatically ads a link back to the original content source of the article. By adding an attribution link, you can benefit from content scrapers or people that copy and paste text from your site.

Buy new content from websites in your industry

Look for content on sites that are related to your industry that are getting lots of links pointing to them. Reach out to the site or article writer, offer them a deal whereby you republish the content on your site and the original source is redirected via a 301 redirect to the new url on your site, thereby passing the link juice from the original to your republished article.

Reproduce and modify your competitions top content

Work out who is linking to your competitors, find out what content they are linking to, and try to understand why they are linking to the resource. Ask yourself if you can reproduce the content rewriting it to more compelling higher quality level, Once you have done so reach out to whoever is linking to your competitors and tell them about your new content.

Refresh old content

Look for out-of-date content about your marketplace, service sector or surrounding area. Reach out to the source of the original content and offer to update, enhance it on the proviso that you are credited with a link or create an updated version and publish on your own site. Once you have updated and published it, contact the site owners who are linking to the out-of-date content and inform them of your newer version.

Create local information guides

Garner backlinks form your local community by creating practical useful guides. Get links from institutions or relevant sites that are locally powerful prospects such as newspapers by creating material that offers value to the community.

Writing for publications, periodicals local blogs

Whatever knowledge you have about your industry or local area you can capitalise on that by creating content that can be shared via an article or column in a local website. Use the resource to add a link to your site.

Create content industry related sites

Reach out to businesses or blog writer who are producing non-competing but relevant content on their sites and request to publish content written by you on their site. You can include a topical quality backlink to your site within the article body.

Copied images

Google has a reverse image browse function, use it to find any sites that are using images that have been copied form your site that you have not authorised. Tell them it is only acceptable to continue to use the image if they provide a link credit to the original source.

Write PR Announcements

Write press releases sharing information, opinions and news about your business activities and changes in the industry you are in. Once you have written the press release send it to industry related blogs and site.

Build videos and distribute them

You can attract links to videos as well as your written content. By producing videos and posting them on your site you will invite links to your domain, you can also distribute them to video sharing sites such as YouTube and insert a link back to your site.

Produce photos for use by other websites

Create good quality pictures of things that are contextual to your business. Reach out to other businesses that are related to yours in a location that does not compete with you and offer them the photos for use if they are happy to provide a link to you as the original source.

Produce charts, infographics, and graphs and distribute them

Alternatives to written content attract links. Publish them on your site to get links, and allow them to be displayed on other sites you do not own and ask for attribution via a link back.

Offer to write reviews or testimonials

Get in touch with small businesses that you have purchased products or services from in the last year or so and offer to write a review or testimonial of their products or services, and request that the place some text linking back to your site.

Approach your existing business customers

Get in touch with businesses that you already have a relationship with, particular ones whose products and services you are promoting. By getting a link to your site from them, you also help them make more money. If it is the inverse of this and they are making money for you, ask if they want to exchange links.

Feature influential people

Reach out to important people in your industry or local area ask them to write content or a blog post for a fee, that you can publish on your website or as an alternative interview them and post the transcript to your site as a feature. Draw attention to this by letting your followers on social media sites twitter/Facebook Google+ know about it and ask them to reciprocate and do the same.

Exchange links reciprocally

Get in touch with businesses selling services or products that are related to your business and suggest that linking reciprocally to each other’s sites may be of benefit. Exchange links by inserting in to blog posts and not from low value links pages.

Engage with the blogging community and forums

Making comments on blogs or joining a forum that is in your local are or related to the business you run is a great way to engage with an active community. Leave posts or comments and either leave a link back to your domain by the name field of blog comment or in the signature are of forums that can link back to your site. Do not spam these though with automated tools.

Approach or enrol in associations and organisations

Join local clubs, associations and organisations that can be found in your area or business market. Many clubs have and online database that lists members, you may also be able to list your business’s details and get an easy link back to your site.

Find business mentions online

Others may have mentioned your business details such as name or address or used you r business logo, or mentioned leading members of your team who work for your business. Locate these sites and request a link to your site.

Add links to business listing sites

It is easy to add links to business listing sites that offer you the option of creating a profile page for businesses that are listed on their sites; it is usually possible to leave a link back to your site. Many opportunities are regionally targeted as well.

Engage with social media sites

Making profiles on social media sites is an easy way to enhance your exposure, just drop your link in to your profile page to include a backlink to your site.

Promote your business to specific groups

Drive traffic and links by offering promotions to gyms, offices and restaurants. Contact sites that provide for those people, provide them with a discount, and ask them to leave a link to your site.

Promo code website

Sites that offer promotional codes to their visitors, they often provide a link back to your website; you have probably seen some site like this while searching on Google. Coupon websites are an easy way to get links.

Enter products in to competitions

Provide products as prizes for competition in exchange they can mention your business and provide a link from their site.

Provide special offers to existing customers

By giving discounts to your current customers who have sites you can ask them if they would be happy linking back to your site in return, especially if their website is in a relevant industry to yours.

Sponsor someone or a group in your locality

Getting in touch with local charities and clubs in your area and ask them if they would be interested in linking back to you from their site in return for a donation or sponsorship.